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A day in the life at Redmen TV
 “Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” A lovely quote which pretty much sums up working at Redmen TV. Following the current World and European (soon to be Premier League) Champions certainly adds to that. I’ve no idea how Paul and Chris coped through the Hodgson, Hicks & Gillette era, kudos to them. This season is stressful; I’d hate to think what that was like.
I’ve kindly been asked to talk you through a day in the life at Redmen TV and I shall try to do my very best. The first point I’d like to make is that two days are very rarely the same, which is another bonus. You might think talking about the reds might churn out the same spiel day after day, but it doesn’t. Well, it does because they keep winning.
My role can also vary, predominantly I look after the social media channels which in itself can be quite time consuming. You know yourself there is always something going on and as an independent media company, we cannot miss anything. I’ll spend most of my Monday morning cycling through ‘On this day’ anniversary’s which
I think may be of interest to people and make the decision of those that aren’t. I’m pretty sure you could sleep well knowing you’ve missed Igor Biscan’s birthday.
A large part of what I do means I engage with people; this can be providing social clips to ask peoples opinion, polls,
MOTM shouts or even just sharing news. Currently, it’s a dream. But it can become toxic pretty quickly. If someone, let’s say, Adam Lallana, starts a game and someone doesn’t like it, they’ll let you know and more often than not, it will somehow be
my fault. How people have the energy to be so angry is beyond belief, something I’ve learned to cope with and ignore. I’ve grown a thick skin to Twitter and YouTube trolls. It’s not always nice and you can focus on one negative comment out of 50+ positive ones, I take the rough with the smooth.
Other roles include organising the production schedule for the upcoming weeks, which, to be honest pretty much
write themselves as they are often dictated by the fixtures. I have to organise guests for said shows which can often be a task but I like to think I’m well prepared and try and do so on a fortnightly basis to prevent any obstacles that may occur.
Probably the most enjoyable side for me is the writing, some of you reading this might be familiar with my player ratings article which I do after every game. It allows me to be a little creative and I like to think they are a little different to most rankings which kind of state the obvious, which is what people probably want. But why not make it fun?
Sometimes, just sometimes, if I have the time I get to do a little long form piece which I find even better. Not only trying
to educate others whilst providing my opinion, I often find I end up educating myself and learning a thing to too. I’m not a know it all and this club is steeped in history. Having said that, things can be pretty full on, especially if the reds are playing two or three games a week. It’s even harder to do this if you’re on an away day or a European trip for a few days.
Hosting shows, being a guest on shows or giving a match reaction directly to camera all have different aspects which I enjoy and some I don’t. I love talking with others or finding out other people’s thoughts on the reds, it’s much easier
to have that conversation and after all, we are a fan channel, my thoughts and opinions don’t mean anything more than the next person. I like the debate. I like someone else providing an argument. If it’s a sensible one.
It’s an honour to have this job and to follow, support and love a football club as good as Liverpool.
Up the reds,

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