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Accessible Anfield
is part of our matchday routine, we aim to arrive around 3 hours before kick off to get a parking space and to go for something to eat before the game before it gets too busy.
We park on Oakfield Road which is at the Kop end of the stadium about 300 yards from the stadium. Once we get my powered wheelchair out of the car, we go to a local café called Georgie Porgies which is directly in front of the Kop. Unfortunately, it is located in a yet to be developed area of Anfield and you do have to partly use the Road to get to it.
However, it is well worth it, great affordable food, plenty of Liverpool FC memorabilia, replica cups, seats out of the old main stand and photograph’s galore, the ideal place to settle any pregame nerves and chat to friends, old and new alike about the forthcoming game.
From here we had to collect our tickets from the ticket office but like I said earlier on in the article it is fully accessible and
it is actually a very enjoyable experience meeting and chatting to the LFC disability team who are a credit to the football club, the level of service is exceptional and exceeds expectations.
From here we pass by the Shankly Statue and the Kop bar and make our way round to the accessibility entrance on the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand, which is located next to the hospitality entrance. It is worth noting that from around 2 hours before kick off the areas around the stadium are extremely busy and time is needed getting from A to b due to the crowds, especially for wheelchair users, I would advise using the drop off point outside the Shankly Gates on Anfield Road and access the stadium from there.
When you get to the disabled entrance you are greeted by 2 members of the accessibility team in the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand, they will welcome you
and scan your match tickets, from here you will access the lift, which is for disabled supporters only go up to the
3rd floor which is where the wheelchair tribunes are located. The lift is operated by another member of the accessibility team, usually Denise who won’t be shy
in telling you what the final score will be which is always a win in Liverpool’s favour, of course.
When you exit the lift, you are greeted by another member of the accessibility team who will direct you to your tribune. There are 2 wheelchair tribunes in the Sir Kenny stand which both accommodate
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  20 wheelchair spaces and a seat for a personal assistant, one is located at the Anfield Road end and the other is at the Kop end of the stand, we are located in the tribune at the Kop end so we go to the left of the stand.
You now make your way along the corridor passing the hospitality boxes on the way and when you reach the end of the corridor there are 2 accessible toilets.
There is a small waiting area that houses 2 lifts which is attended to by a further 2 accessibility stewards usually Paul and Chris and they assist you in getting down to the tribune. The deputy head steward Joe, usually meets and greets all supporters and keeps you updated on any safety information that may have been updated and checks that you know where the evacuation area is located housing the evacuation chairs in case of an emergency.
Once in the lift you go down to
the wheelchair tribune and take your designated space to watch the game. If you require any refreshments Liverpool
Football Club use a seat serve app which needs to be downloaded and you are able to order food and drinks on the app and you will be served at your seat, if you have any issues with the app one of the accessibility stewards are always on hand to assist.
The view of the pitch from the tribune is excellent, spacious and protected from the elements.
It must be mentioned at this point that Joe and his team of accessibility stewards are absolutely first class. They provide a level of service that you don’t encounter at many other grounds and we really look forward to seeing them on matchdays.
So in summary if you are planning on visiting Anfield for a matchday or just a visit you can be sure that accessibility won’t be an issue and you will have a wonderful experience at the home of the current World, European and at the time of writing this, soon to be Champions of England once again for the 19th time!
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