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 News Issue 1
Owen McVeigh Foundation
 The Owen McVeigh Foundation was founded in memory of
our son, Owen who lost his
life shortly after his leukaemia diagnosis. The Foundation has a simple aim - to help children who are ill with cancer and their families in the Merseyside area.
We’re fortunate to have had our profile raised significantly over the last couple of years, we are sure if you’re a regular match goer, you’ll be familiar with the flag on the Kop which is waved with pride. You may also have spotted, or even taken part in “Where’s Owen?” where people wear Owen’s T Shirt
on holiday around the world, or when travelling to the game and post pictures, which we share on our website, showing how far and wide Owen travels.
Our ambassadors are people who support and promote our charity in very special ways and work alongside both our committee and our large team of willing volunteers to both raise funds and provide experiences to sick children and their families. We’re proud to have these people
be ambassadors for our charity and grateful for the support and help they give us. These special individuals include Paul Askew, Simon Rimmer, Peter MacDowall and Jamie Webster.
Our primary focus is lifetime events for poorly children, to make their childhood special and the day to
day that little bit less arduous. We specialise in providing tailored events for children and have surprised kids with trips as varied from meeting
the Liverpool FC team at Melwood, to working as an air traffic controller for the day at Liverpool Airport!
We also recognise the strength that community can bring to families, as
the journey can be quite lonely, so we regularly take groups on larger outings, from Boss Nights Kids to celebrate the Reds, to Chester Zoo, or to see a show at the theatre, the more the merrier!
Peacock Lodge – Helping people take time out
As a charity, we had also been sending families to a lodge for much needed respite and family time as when a child is ill with cancer or leukaemia, time
as a family away from a hospital ward becomes very precious. We’d also spent time away following the loss of Owen and as parents, found peace at one particular facility.
When we started sending families to this little haven of tranquillity, the feedback
was so good, that we decided it was in the best interests of all the children the foundation helps, that the Charity had their own dedicated facility.
This gives us the flexibility and opportunity ourselves as a Foundation to send even more children suffering with cancer away in the coming years. Through a lot of hard work fundraising in 2018, we now own Peacock Lodge in South Lake District. A project quickly got underway to renovate and refurbish the lodge to boutique hotel standards and we were proudly able to accommodate 40 families in 2019, with feedback
being excellent and with our costs kindly underwritten by the James Milner Foundation.
As we venture into 2020, with a new Sponsor underwriting our running costs, we are almost fully booked for the entire year.

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