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Issue 1
wrong. The Kop was in full voice and
the support was raw from the very first whistle, the twelfth man was in full voice and the noise was not like anything I had ever witnessed before in my 50 years going to Anfield. Coming out for the 2nd half with a one nil lead the Reds were kicking into the Kop end and still needed another 3 goals but like everybody
knows anything is possible for those who believe and the noise coming from the Kop epitomised that belief, the noise was unreal. Just 45 minutes later the Reds had scored another 3 goals and had seen off the mighty Barcelona, the scenes at the end of the game were fitting for what the team had just achieved, another night when the Reds never walked alone and the twelfth man stood up to be counted.
25 days later the 6th European cup was won. But what about that Poor boy?
Well let me tell you a story about him, he’s poor Scouser Tommy.
Who was sent far away from his home To fight for his King and His country And also the old folks back home Well the battle it started next morning It was under Arabian Sun
I remember that poor Scouser Tommy Who was shot by an old Nazi gun
As he lay on the battlefield dying dying
dying, With the blood gushing out of his head. As he lay on the battlefield dying These were the last words he said Ohhhhhhhh I am a Liverpudlian
And I come from the Spion Kop I like to sing, I like to shout
And I go there quite a lot
You know the rest!
Up the Reds
Ted Morris
   ...another night when the Reds never walked alone and the twelfth man stood up to be counted.”
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Fashion for Wheelchairs
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We spo cha the tri prin per to cro des wo
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