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  Access Football with Audiobooks
Books for everyone
Calibre Audio is a free national charity that lends audiobooks
to everyone who has a print disability. A print disability is
most commonly a sight problem, dyslexia or a condition that makes it hard to hold or understand printed.
Audiobooks offer a way to overcome difficulties such as these, so that you can consume books the same as others,
just in a different way – audio. Calibre Audio has thousands
of audiobooks in its collection, with so many reading categories catering for all ages and tastes. No one needs to miss out on the pleasure of a good book.
Calibre Audio’s collection
There are well over 11,000 unabridged audiobooks on Calibre’s shelves. Titles cover all
fiction and non-fiction genres, including more than 40 football related books. So whether you’re interested in Salah or Gerrard, the story of former footballer Dave Thomas who lost his sight, or reading about the trials of a dad coaching his young son’s team
in You’ll Win Nothing With Kids – we’ve got it covered.
But it’s not just football. The collection has everything from thrillers to biography, perennial classics to latest blockbusters, and essential page-turners. Travel, politics, religion, the list goes on. Our members help shape our service, so our audiobooks reflect the diversity and interests of our members.
At your fingertips
Calibre’s audiobooks can be streamed online, downloaded to your device or delivered straight
to your door on CD and memory stick by our free postal service. Which means whether you’re listening on the way to the match or from your favourite armchair at home, unleash the power of your imagination.
‘Being a member of Calibre has given me a chance to read and enjoy books that I wouldn't have otherwise had a chance to read.’
Join and get listening
It is free for everyone with a print disability to join Calibre Audio. Join online at or call membership services on
01296 432 339 for more information.
Calibre Audio is an amazing collection of over 11,500 audiobooks. Everyday we send out 1,700 books to our members.

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