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Issue 1
 access to which was free of charge. We are extremely grateful to Dan for enabling wheelchair users to access the event, and his generosity in waiving ticket prices.
For the first event we were able to take wheelchair users from both the LDSA and also the LFC Foundation. This was the
first opportunity our participants had to experience a BOSS night and watch Jamie Webster in person and to see the joy on their faces was something to behold and we were very grateful for the opportunity.
This once again went to a whole new level when Dan invited our disabled
youngsters to one of the Kids Boss nights that they put on. Once again, we invited wheelchair users from both the LDSA and participants from the LFC Foundation. The kids absolutely loved it!
It is impossible to find the words
to describe the feeling seeing these youngsters experiencing a BOSS night in person, it brought tears to the eyes.
Two youngsters in particular had the time of their young lives, both are under 10 years of age and are regular match goers at Anfield. You will always see little Harry with his dad Mick and Sally with her dad Dave in one of the wheelchair tribune areas at Anfield, they are both passionate supporters of Liverpool Football Club.
Harry and Sally are also keen participants at the LFC Foundation which is another organisation that should be praised for
the outstanding work that they do in the community and especially with disabled adults and children, they are really
making a difference to people’s lives. We would like to thank Daniel and his
team over at BOSS for what they have done in making BOSS nights accessible to disabled supporters, especially wheelchair users that may normally struggle to attend such events.
Dan has made sure that not only are the kids BOSS but that the kids are definitely alright!
Just ask little Harry and Sally.
Rebound Therapy is a specialist activity which uses a trampoline as
a therapy tool. The movements support physical development and can help with a range of things including altering high or low muscle tone, improving health & fitness by improving heart and lung function, helping balance and coordination as work takes place on an unstable surface. It’s also great fun! It is also one of the few activities accessible to people with complex needs as activities can be delivered lying down, sitting or standing with support from our coaching team.
Jump Space has created
a unique environment combining Rebound with sensory play activities to provide accessible physical activities for people with a range of impairments.
As a family friendly centre Jump Space encourages siblings to participate alongside each other
and parents to take part particularly in the play
element, although everyone is welcome to take part on the trampolines.
We are open to all including individuals in class
based activities, groups, schools, day services,
group homes, specialist 1:1 sessions for people who cannot access mainstream services or classes.
To find out more contact the centre on 0161 637 2800 or check out our website
NB most sessions are booked in advance.
       A unique Rebound Therapy and Sensory Play centre in the heart of Stockport catering specifically for people with disability of all ages. @jumpspacetweets 0161 637 2800
Registered charity in England & Wales no: 1129085 Company registration no: 06780801
Jump Space Hardman Street, Off Chestergate Stockport Sk3 0BJ
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