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News Issue 1
LDSA supporting foodbanks
As part of the Level Playing Fields weeks of action campaign 2020 one of our committee members Andy Ellis decided to include a foodbank collection into our programme of events.
As part of this initiative he formed a partnership between the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association (LDSA) and the Everton Disabled Supporters association (EDSA)
to put together two foodbank collections.
The message that both disabled supporter associations wanted to get across was
that although Liverpool FC and Everton FC have a fierce footballing rivalry, they are both committed to tackling food poverty in the City of Liverpool and the message was clear from both sets of disabled supporters.
The first collection was very well supported and plenty of food parcels were donated by supporters from both clubs. Sadly,
there should be no need for foodbanks
in our great City of Liverpool, a city in one of the richest countries in the world and yet food poverty is rife and we live in a city that sees so many children going to school hungry, which is just plain wrong.
The lads at fans supporting foodbanks collect at both Anfield and Goodison Park on matchdays and the generosity of people is heart-warming, from home fans and visiting supporters alike.
Sadly, as already mentioned the second collection at Goodison Park was postponed and both disabled associations made a donation of £300 to the football foodbanks.

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