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                Atletico Madrid
Liverpool fans returned to the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano just 9 months after winning the European Cup for the 6th time.
This is the experience from a wheelchair users’ perspective.
Getting to the Stadium
I have been following LFC in Europe for 40 years and it must be noted that in all of those years I have never seen a more detailed and accurate away supporter travel information sheet like the one provided for this fixture. It was well received by both able bodied and disabled supporters alike.
The maps provided included a detailed walking route from the metro to the ground which included approximate timings which allowed supporters to plan ahead. A Madrid metro map was also provided which allowed supporters to print off the map and take to Madrid,
this was also a great help in terms of navigating Madrid.
After contacting Yonit who is Liverpool’s away supporter liaison officer in Madrid, disabled supporters requiring foot free
access to the stadium were provided with a step free Metro route to the stadium which allowed us to arrive directly at the stadium, the difference that this made was immeasurable.
Our disabled fans were also given fantastic consideration and support from the LFC, Yonit contacted us
prior to the notice going out and
she was happy to take on board any considerations or concerns that we had, this was greatly appreciated by myself and the other wheelchair users who travelled to Madrid and from an inclusion perspective this was a major leap forward. We can’t thank Yonit enough for the consideration that she gave us.
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